PepperMelon has traveled the world, sharing war stories, massive tales of brand-against-man, client-against-art, and all the epiphanies in-between. From Santiago de Chile to Peru, to Berlin, Netherlands, Utrecht and the USA, PepperMelon offers all sort of academic, public or private, performances, be it to iron out those much needed creative skills in your big corporate company, or to school the future path of bright kids in the first steps of their creative studies.

Past Conferences

Festival de Publicidad Independiente Conference - Córdoba, Argentina, October 2014

Universidad del Este Workshop - La Plata, Argentina, October 2014

Expotoons Conference - Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 2014

Escuelita de Creativos Workshop - Buenos Aires, Argentina. September 2014

Universidad de San Juan Workshop - San Juan, Argentina, September 2013

Tatakua Conference - Asunción, Paraguay, October 2013

ISIL - Lima, Peru, November 2013

Ogilvy Colombia Masterclass - Bogotá, Colombia, November 2013

Pictoplasma Conference - Berlin, Germany, April 2013

Dejando Huella - Querétaro, Mexico, April 2013

Playgrounds -  Tilburg, Netherlands, November 2012

Florida School of Design Webinar - August 2012

Playgrounds vs Submarine Channel - Amsterdam, Netherlands, November2012

Universidad de Belgrano – Graphic Design major, Buenos Aires, August 2012

Universidad Nacional de Rosario – Graphic Design major, Rosario, June 2012

Universidad de Buenos Aires – Graphic Design major, Cat. Salomone June 2012

Universidad de Buenos Aires – Graphic Design major, Cat. Mónica Pujol, May 2012

404 - Universidad Nacional de Rosario, February 2012

ArtFutura / Tecnópolis - Buenos Aires, November 2011

El Grito Creativo - Rosario, August 2011

SUDALA Chile - Santiago de Chile, October 2011

InspirationFest - Capital Federal, November 2010

UP - Carrera de Diseño - Capital Federal, November 2010

Universidad Tres de Febrero - Buenos Aires, October 2010

Pixelations Córdoba - Córdoba, July 2009

Trimarchi - TMDG - Mar del Plata, October 2007


PepperMelon streams micro-webinars via Skype or a streaming service of your choosing, for schools, faculties and universities around the globe.


One, two, or three-hour long, spanish or english (or spanglish), entrepeneur or design/creativity focused pep-talks for all sort of audiences, all sizes. Top audience to date, a crowd of 3000.


We taylor-make workshops related to art, creativity, character design and animation for a wide range of students/semi-professionals.

Master class

The corporate version: Master classes, taylor-made for creative professionals, for agencies and big companies abroad, for all industries.



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