About us

PepperMelon is a CG Animation and Character-Design driven studio, which got represented by two-time Academy Award winning production company Passion Pictures and Patricia Claire Co. in the US & European Markets (Disney-Pixar, Digital Domain, Hornet, Sehsucht).

A group of artists, all unique and original in their own way, all jumbled together in one same place… well, that could prove to be quite a mess. In PepperMelon we have a way to organise things, basing firmly on strong creativity and daring individuality. We have a way with things, might not be the best, for sure, and we’re still learning... big time. Here’s a bit of the people behind PepperMelon.

Nando Sarmiento / Principal & Chief Executive Officer - @NandoSarmiento


My job is taking risks, making mistakes, having major frustrations, deciding things, discuss things, making coffee, question things and, basically, make everyone feel as comfortable as it gets in their workplace. I'm also the link between the artists and the outside world, so I serve as a shield for the team, taking the hit and the fall and responsibility to keep the guys and gals as safe and happy as I possibly can. I sometimes direct, create videogames and manga too (but on spare time --frowny face).

Ignacio Godoy / MD & New Business - @nachogod


There's nothing more rewarding for me than seeing my projects in constant movement. I think a big part of life is about putting your desires on wheels and watching them hit the highway, and this miniature philosophy could be applied to everything I live for. I see ideas and methods take different forms every-day, and it’s up to me to take the wheel and steer them into the direction I want most. I guess that's why my interests lie in both production and, to thicken the metaphor: cars.

Miguel Cortina / Animator - @nerbios3d


It's quite difficult to describe my job here and I still don't know why I get paid...  I'm just a happy man with a serious expression who understands and got caught by "the motion", and after a couple of years... I kind of like it, sounds stupid right? Yeah, I can be silly sometimes, but the motion is not always in front of us. You have to learn to see further and - although I'm not a fan of Stanislavski - I get all the juice I can from every experience and apply it to my challenges. I came from a planet where sometimes we act and speak in a quirky way, and we laugh about it. But unfortunately in this planet the air makes me shy. Luckily I've found PepperMelon and the animation, the perfect combo to express myself with freedom, from where I came to where I'm going.