With PepperMelon we have not contracted a service, if not forged an alliance where interests soar beyond mere economic figures.
— Marco Riquelme, CEO Galletitas Aventura


We were called upon by the first Paraguayan cookie factory to support them as they were about to make their grand opening. From the get go, we had no doubts about the cultural relevance this project had. 

In terms of concept, we didn’t stop at just crafting a visual world for the cookies; we wanted to go beyond that. We aimed to conceive the project within an entire world system where Paraguay & Guarani culture would be present in every minor detail, and above all, to appeal to their main target: kids and moms.

In order to empathise with the little ones, we decided to weave a universe of mythical characters inspired by the Guarani culture, its clothing, traditions, mannerisms, and legends. It was a beautiful process where we found influences everywhere, starting with the country’s extraordinary flora and fauna.  

The names of the characters, all in Guaraní -language used by the old folk of Paraguay- even the clothing, flora and fauna of this parallel world allowed the conception of characters that were sympathetic and symbolically empowered by the rich culture, attracting not only the little ones by their visual appeal but not also by their familiar content.

Aventura is not just about cookies, it’s about the dawn of a fantastical new universe that is completely faithful to Paraguay’s most rooted traditions. 

In the end, we were able to appreciate how the kids not only enjoyed the characters if not also learned from their own culture, without being much aware of it. The way we see it is that by getting them closer to their foundations, they can admire their own roots and past. In this way we believe we can aspire for a future nourished in culture and references from the origins of their people. 

The commercial is the first of many activations we're currently working on. So this was just the tip of the iceberg.