Brock O' Lee - Shortfilms

This is the story of a vegetable called Brock, who lives life as a martyr in a world that finds no room for his taste.


Green with envy

Malign Intervention

Green With Envy / Director: Leo Antolini - Executive Producers: Fernando Sarmiento, Tomas Garcia - Executive Producer and Project Manager: Ignacio Godoy - Brock O'Lee voice by: Johnny Molson - Story by: Tomas Garcia - Music by: David Kamp - Artistic Supervision: Juan Molinet - Screenwriter: Guido Antonucci - Story Manager: Santiago Caffarena - Storyboards: Leo Antolini - Senior Animator: Martin Dasnoy - Animators: Julio Velazquez, Miguel Cortina - Character Designer & Art Direction: Leo Antolini - Character Modeling: Federico Ben Cosentino, Franco Carlesimo, Leandro Muchenik - Character Rigging: Franco Carlesimo, Martin Dasnoy - Texture, Illumination and Lighting: Agustin Gonzalez - Renders: Leandro Muchenik - Additional Effects: Franco Carlesimo - Assistant Coordinators: Maximiliano D'Angelo - Creative Consultant: Tomas Garcia, Juan Molinet, Martin Dasnoy, J.F. Mackeprang, Fernando Sarmiento - Editor: J.F. Mackeprang - Compositors: Federico Ben Cosentino, Ignacio Godoy - Additional Art Direction: Juan Molinet

Malign Intervention / Director: Leo Antolini - Assistant Director: Federico Mackeprang - Executive Producers: Maximiliano D’Angelo, Fernando Sarmiento, Tomás García - Story Editor: Santiago Caffarena - Creative Consultant: Tomás García, Fernando Sarmiento - Storyboards: Leo Antolini - Art Direction: Juan Molinet - Animation Director: Martín Dasnoy - Animators: Miguel Cortina, Julio Velázquez - Characters Design: Leo Antolini - Modeling: Miguel Cortina, Julio Velazquez, Leandro Muchenik - Rigging: Martín Dasnoy, Franco Carlesimo - Shaders and Lighting: Agustín González - Compositor: Ignacio Godoy, Martín Dasnoy - Sound Design: Thiago Gobbet Inspired on a score by David Kamp