Falluvian - psst!3

A heart-stopping race between rivaling daredevils take place in a surreal track. The mood is ferocious as earsplitting grinding sounds and roaring engines take us to the climax.


Director: Tomás García & Fernando Sarmiento / Executive Producers: Fernando Sarmiento, Tomás García - Art Direction: Tomás García - Project Manager: Ignacio Godoy - Vehicle Designs: Fernando Sarmiento, Ignacio Godoy, Tomás García - Vehicle Modeling: Ignacio Godoy - Vehicle Rigging: Martin Dasnoy - Scenary Modeling: Martin Dasnoy, Diego Rozek - Lighting and Rendering: Guillermo Kelly - Additional Designs: Juan Molinet - Storyboards and Animatic: Fernando Sarmiento - Animation: Ignacio Godoy - Cameras: Ignacio Godoy, Fernando Sarmiento, Tomás García - Particle FX, Smoke: Ignacio Godoy - 3D Assisstant: Leandro Muchenik - Editor: Juan Federico Mackeprang - Compositing: Fernando Sarmiento - Sound Design: Ben Hecq