Case Study: Google Brazil CampaiGn

As there are cultures around the world, there exists an equal amount of points of view that are adopted by these - so when Google tried to demonstrate to Brazil how the use of Google Ads harnesses indisputable benefits, they did so in a way they had done many times before in other countries... but without getting the results they were looking for... Brazil has it's own voice. So let's embrace it, and let's get started.

Google Brazil contacted us late 2011 with a concise but challenging objective: to open a channel and find a way to communicate one message to agencies and clients across the country: the benefits Google has to offer for managing an online campaign, and how Google Brazil understands their difficulties and how Google is pendent of their needs. 

In order to achieve this, we had to study what needs the typical ad agencies of Brazil had - such was our approach that we interviewed dozens of people from different ad companies to underline one determining connection between them all.

The result of the investigation concluded with the fact that there exists a world within these agencies filled with complicated briefs, limited time, a tight budget though nonetheless followed by brilliant ideas. So it came to us: we would craft a family of characters that would embody these complications often present in agencies around Brazil. And our approach to each situation would be tainted in humor, as we understand how harassing these difficulties can be and that now we have tools to confront them more effectively. 

The campaign resulted in five online hd spots showcasing different classic moments in the life of a Media Planner within an ad agency, all of which are represented with icy humor. These commercials serve as an introduction to different case studies that present the tools and vehicles provided by Google Ads that will ultimately result in solutions for all of the troubles a Media Planner may encounter on the daily job.  

The key to making this campaign was something that has never been seen before in a Google campaign: humorous, sour characters flushed with personality... and for it, we decided to be inspired on our own Mama Lucchetti Campaign to achieve it.

As stated at the start of the Case Study, we believe every culture has their own way of conceiving different concepts. So, from this perspective, we are able to appreciate how a campaign that revolves around the essence of a determined culture impacts in a much stronger way than an already existing campaign that is merely adapted and generically replicated to other cultures.