The Guardian - World Cup 2010 

An inspired striker makes history by converting a goal while posing for the cameras-- The Guardian is first in letting the world know.

Client: The Guardian / Director: Tomas Garcia - Executive Producer: Fernando Sarmiento - Producer: Ignacio Godoy - Animation Director: Martin Dasnoy - Assistant Director: Fernando Sarmiento - Art Director: Juan Molinet - Character Designer: Juan Molinet - Character Expression Designer: Leo Antolini - Storyboards: Leo Antolini - Coordinators: Sabrina Segu, Agostina Brocco - Character Rigging: Martin Dasnoy - Textures and Lighting: Javier Tommasi - Textures: Eloy Krioka, Juan Molinet - Models and - Unwraps: Leo Muchenik, Franco Carlesimo, Julio Velazquez - Render Supervisor: Leo Muchenik - Animators: Martin Dasnoy, Julio Velazquez, Franco Carlesimo - Particle Systems: Martin Dasnoy - Cloth Reactions: Franco Carlesimo - Matte Painting: Federico Ben Cosentino - Backgrounds: Javier Tommasi, Leo Muchenik, Julio Velazquez - Windows Backgrounds: Leo Antolini - Boardomatics: Santiago Caffarena - Boardomatics Junior Assistant: Ayax Bader - Character Sculpting: Federico Ben Cosentino - Design and Illustrations: Eloy Krioka - Crowds: Santiago Caffarena - Editors: Tomas Garcia, Fernando Sarmiento - Compositors: Santiago Caffarena, Federico Ben Cosentino, Fernando Sarmiento - Creative Assistant: Guido Antonucci - Prints Producer: Ignacio Godoy - Prints: Julio Velazquez, Santiago Caffarena - Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London - Agency Producer: Gill Oglethrope - Executive Producers for Stink: Daniel Bergman, Dan Scott-Croxford, Anna Smith - Producer for Stink: Elin Tiberg - Sound Design: Wave Studios - Narrator: James Richardson