How We Work:

PepperMelon is a CG Animation and Character-Design driven studio. A group of artists, all unique and original in their own way, all jumbled together in one same place… well, that could prove to be quite a mess. In PepperMelon we have a way to organize things, basing firmly on strong creativity and daring individuality. It’s difficult to ensemble and cater a huge operating machine that outputs creative products… being creativity something so hard to control or even define. We have a way with things, might not be the best, for sure, and we’re still learning... big time. Here’s a bit of how we do it every day here at PepperMelon. --- Be sure to be a part of our Official Facebook FanPage.

Martin Dasnoy / TD & Animation Director

I like going back about five steps before actually starting off with anything. When I explain things to people, by the time I get to the point they're already sleepwalking! It makes the learning process much more immersive and interesting-- why hold on to one point of view, when you can go back in hopes of finding a new meaning to what you already know?

Tomas Garcia / Principal & Chief Creative Director

My job is chasing down ideas and making them happen. Learning about new designs, concepts, points of view, philosophies, new techniques and styles… is all part of drill. It's the backbone of narration in general, really. All the enlightment I absorb in this process I tend to lock away into a story, and then let the characters release them to the audience. Oh, also, I like to draw robots. My blog on Tumblr. Follow me on Twitter.

Ignacio Godoy / COO


There's nothing more rewarding for me than seeing my projects in constant movement. I think a big part of life is about putting your desires on wheels and watching them hit the highway, and this miniature philosophy could be applied to everything I live for. I see ideas and methods take different forms every-day, and it’s up to me to take the wheel and steer them into the direction I want most. I guess that's why my interests lie in both production and, to thicken the metaphor, cars.

Fernando Sarmiento / CEO


My job is taking risks, making mistakes, having major frustrations, deciding things, discuss things, making coffee, question things and, basically, make everyone feel as comfortable as it gets in their workplace. I'm also the link between the artists and the outside world, so I serve as a shield for the team, taking the hit and the fall and responsibility to keep the guys and gals as safe and happy as I possibly can. My two blogs> Creativity Blog and Management Blog. Follow me on Twitter.

Max D'angelo / Executive Producer


My job in PepperMelon is to make everything move, keeping bad energies away preserving our desire to create and linking the productive and the creative areas. I really like working in a relaxed (but in motion) atmosphere where humor is the key. For me everyday is like going back to school, I'm here with my friends, we have fun and we learn a lot. I think our greatest strength is 'Listening to all voices' connecting our ideas to leave our mark in each project and my job is to make that happen. Oh I forgot to mention, I have a Kylie Minogue tattoo and yes.. I'm a big fan.