Fright of the Orkonnon - Shots

An alien force plows through the likes of a deserted, crisp planet. A natural defender, the Orkonnon, becomes alarmed by their presence, feeling the air unbalanced by new DNA

Project: Shots 20th anniversary - Fright of the Orkonnon / Director: Fernando Sarmiento - Executive producers: Tomas Garcia, Fernando Sarmiento - Assistant Director and Art Director: Juan Molinet - Project Manager: Martin Dasnoy - Character Designer: Federico Ben - Character Animation and Rigging: Martin Dasnoy - Storyboard and Animatics: Fernando Sarmiento - Particle Effects: Ramiro Betancourt, Martin Dasnoy - Vehicle Designs: Guillermo Kelly, Eloy Krioka - Matte Paintings: Federico Ben, Juan Molinet, Martin Dasnoy, Eloy Krioka - Modelers: Martin Dasnoy, Julio Velazquez, Leo Muchenik - Textures: Juan Molinet, Martin Dasnoy - Additional Designs: Juan Molinet - Unwraps: Juan Zarraga, Julio Velazquez - Lighting and Rendering: Martin Dasnoy, Javier Tomassi - Additional Animations and Lighting: Julio Velazquez - Compositing: Fernando Sarmiento - Sound Design:  David Kamp