Serious Joe - TV Show

The show’s plot forms around Joe, a baby who looks serious most of the time and his family who tries to document those precious moments when he laughs. Despite their ridiculously exhausting efforts, Joe ends up laughing for all the wrong reasons, or that’s what the family thinks.

Creative Direction: Tomas Garcia - Director: Leandro Antolini  - Executive Producer: Fernando Sarmiento - Scripts: Tomas García -  Project Manager: Santiago Caffarena - Editors: J. F. Mackeprang, Fernando Sarmiento - Character Designers & Art Direction: Juan Molinet, Tomas García, Leandro Antolini - Senior Animator: Martin Dasnoy - Animators: Miguel Cortina, Julio Velazquez - 3d Modeling and Character Rigging: Martín Dasnoy, Andrei Delgado, Julio Velázquez - Lighting and Render: Agustín Gonzalez, Martin Dasnoy - Compositing: Fernando Sarmiento, Santiago Caffarena, Ignacio Godoy - Production Assistant: Agostina Brocco - Sound Designer: PepperMelon