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Silver Cross is presented as one of the world-leading medical insurances that is as inviting as pertaining to a community.


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Project: Quality Standards - Nearby - Collaboration, Zilveren Kruis / Director: Michael Ressinger - Executive Producer: Fernando Sarmiento - Project Manager: Martin Dasnoy - Producer: Ignacio Godoy - Character Designer: Juan Molinet - Character Designer - Assistant: Leo Antolini - Modeling: Julio Velazquez, Martin Dasnoy, Ignacio Godoy, Javier Tommassi, Leandro Muchenik - Character Rigging: Martin Dasnoy, Ignacio Godoy, Javier Tommassi, Julio Velazquez - Senior Animator: Martin Dasnoy - Animators: Sebastian Pavone Cao, Julio Velazquez, Mateo Amaral - Backgrounds: Leo Antolini - Lighting: Guillermo Kelly, Leandro Muchenik - Render: Leandro Muchenik - Compositors: Juan Marcos Montane, Federico Ben, Santiago Caffarena - Editor: Alejandra Romero